Novalac Fruits

Novalac Fruits is a premium toddler milk specially designed for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years of age to support their daily nutritional needs. Novalac Fruits is a delicious tasting toddler milk made with 20% banana and apple puree.*(Contains 20% banana and apple fruit puree)

Novalac Fruits is available from major pharmacies across the country as well as online.

Always talk to your GP, pharmacist or early childhood nurse for advice on any feeding issues your child is experiencing.

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About Novalac Fruits

    Novalac Fruits is a premium toddler milk specially designed for toddlers aged 1 to 3 years of age. It is full of essential vitamins and minerals toddlers need to support their# :

    • Immune system
      - Zinc & vitamin C to support normal immune function
    • Cognitive function
      - Iron contributes to normal cognitive function
    • Growth and development
      - Calcium, iron, iodine and vitamin C to support normal growth & development

    Plus, the addition of real fruit* for a taste they’ll love and with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

    As part of a balanced diet, Novalac Fruits helps ensure healthy growth and development isn’t affected by fussy eating habits.

    Ingredients: Skimmed milk, maltodextrin, fruit purees 20% (banana 15%, apple 5%), vegetable oils (palm, soy, coconut), tricalcium citrate, tricalcium phosphate, emulsifier (soy lecithin), ferric pyrophosphate, magnesium chloride, vitamins (A, B1, B12, B2, B6, C, D3, E, folic acid, niacin), magnesium oxide, zinc sulphate, antioxidants (extract rich in tocopherols), potassium iodide.

    Contains: Soy, milk.

    Serving Size: Approx. 240 mL
    Serves per can: Approx. 24

    Major Nutrients Avg Qty Per Serve %RDI* Per Serve Avg Qty Per 100mL
    Energy 648 kJ   276 kJ
      155 kcal   66 kcal
    Protein 4 g   1.7 g
    Fat, total 6.3 g   2.7 g
    Saturated 2.9 g   1.2 g
    Carbohydrate 20 g   8.5 g
    Sugars 10.5 g   4.5 g
    Dietary Fibre, total 0.8 g   0.4 g
    Sodium 46.1 mg   19.6 mg
    Calcium 214 mg 31% 91 mg
    Phosphorus 148 mg 30% 63 mg
    Magnesium 23.7 mg 30% 10.1 mg
    Iron 1.8 mg 30% 0.8 mg
    Zinc 1.1 mg 25% 0.4 mg
    Iodine 28 µg 40% 11.9 µg
    Vitamin A 93.8 µg RE 31% 39.9 µg RE
    Vitamin B1 197 µg 39% 84 µg
    Vitamin B2 329 µg 41% 140 µg
    Vitamin B6 230 µg 33% 98 µg
    Vitamin B12 0.3 µg 30% 0.1 µg
    Vitamin C 13.8 mg 46% 5.9 mg
    Vitamin D3 1.5 µg 30% 0.6 µg
    Vitamin E 2.1 mg α-TE 42% 0.9 mg α-TE
    Niacin 2 mg 40% 0.8 mg
    Folate 44.4 µg-DFE 44% 18.9 µg-DFE

    *Recommended Dietary Intake for children aged 1 to 3 years

    Always wash your hands before preparing a cup. Each cup should be prepared individually. Only use the measuring scoop provided.

    Step 1 Wash and rinse all utensils to be used (cup, cup lid, spoon) thoroughly.
    Step 2 Pour the required amount of cooled pre-boiled water (see feeding guide) into the cup. Measure the correct quantity of formula (see feeding guide) into the cup using the scoop provided. Always add one level scoopful (4.7g) per 30 mL of water.
    Step 3 Whisk, shake or stir for at least 30 seconds until the powder is completely dissolved. Serve immediately.

    Do not prepare the cup in advance but always just before feeding. Toddler milk should be consumed within one hour of preparation. Any milk left over after feeding should be discarded.

    This is a general guide only. Your child may need more or less than indicated.
    Always add one level scoopful (4.7g) to 30 mL of cool pre-boiled water.

    Age Serves per day Level scoops per serve Cooled boiled water (ml)
    From 1 year 2 7 210

    Novalac Fruits should be used to supplement a normal diet where intake of energy and nutrients may not be adequate to meet your toddler’s nutritional needs.

    *Contains 20% banana and apple fruit puree. Novalac Fruits Toddler Milk is a formulated supplementary food for young children 1-3 years for use as part of a healthy diet when energy and nutrient intake may not be adequate.

    #When consumed as part of a healthy diet: Contains Iron and Vitamin D to support normal growth and development. Iron contributes to normal cognitive function. Zinc and Vitamin C help support normal immune system function.