Message to Parents & Carers: Novalac Allergy Infant Formula

There has been discussion on some social media sites that certain batches of Novalac Allergy Infant Formula (0-12 months) are being recalled for quality issues.

We have investigated consumer concerns and we can confirm that there is no quality or food safety reason to recall Novalac Allergy Infant Formula (0-12 months).

All Novalac products are manufactured under highly controlled conditions with strict testing and manufacturing protocols and in line with international and Australian and New Zealand Food Standards.

We take any product complaint seriously. We know that babies with cow's milk allergies or intolerances are especially sensitive and we are committed to supporting parents and carers to investigate any individual product concerns.

Our Bayer Medical Information team is available 24/7 on 1800 008 757 (AU) and can support with any product related questions.

If a parent or carer is concerned about the health or well-being of their baby, please speak to a GP or healthcare professional who can provide medical advice specifically for your baby.